Natural Wonders of Australia 

Australia is home to lots of spectacular wildlife and gorgeous cities, but we’ve also got a good helping of stunning natural wonders to enjoy as well. While you could just head out your door in any direction and trust that you’ll stumble across some beautiful sites, why don’t I save you some time and point you in the right direction first?  

Twelve Apostles 

In Victoria, you can find these majestic columns of limestone standing out in the surf of the Great Ocean Road. Originally part of a limestone cliff face, millennia of weather and tides have worn the cliffs into these massive columns. This erosion continues to be felt and one of the columns collapsed in 2005. 

Great Barrier Reef 

I’m more than certain that you’re already aware of the Great Barrier Reef, but just in case here is a refresher. Found off the east coast of Queensland the Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure constructed on the planet by living organisms (take that L.A) and consists of 2,900 individual reefs as well as 900 islands. And, yes it can be seen from space. 

The Great Barrier Reef has suffered significant losses because of factors including climate change and pollution. Large parts of the reef have been irreparably damaged and lost, but now is the time to see it before it’s gone and contribute to charities trying to keep it alive and well. 


Also known by the English name Ayers Rock, Uluru is a red stone monolith that stands tall over the dry lowlands of the surrounding area. Uluru has massive cultural significance to the local Aboriginals of the area, playing a large role in their legends and traditions. Uluru is an absolutely imposing site, and words cannot properly convey the feeling of standing on a plain and looking up to see this massive rock. 

The Pinnacles 

Just like the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, The Pinnacles of Western Australia are columns of limestone that have been eroded over the year to create a striking scene. However, the difference here is that The Pinnacles are in the desert rather than the sea, and they stand a few meters in height. Although they aren’t as large as their cousins in Victoria, they are still imposing and create an almost eerie atmosphere as they jut out of the desert like teeth. 

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