OK  I just found a video of Superted on Youtube.

I used to watch this as a kid and it never occurred to me then but it’s such a bizarre combination of stuff! He’s a toy Teddy Bear brought to life when an alien spaceman with a Mohawk finds him in a storeroom in a factory and uses his cosmic dust on him. (I don’t know why an alien’s first thought on landing on earth is to visit a dusty factory storeroom, surely there are nicer places to visit)

The alien then promptly takes him to a magic cloud where Mother Nature bestows on him special powers. One of which is the ability to flay himself and reveal a superhero costume beneath his skin. He lives in a tree-house and his arch enemy is a cowboy (with a really strange accent) whose henchmen are an effeminate undead skeleton and a stupid fat bloke.

Superted also has his own teddy bear to sleep with which is yellow with green spots like Spotty. (Does he have unresolved feelings towards his friend??)

I still love it, especially how un-PC it is (the fat bloke is called Bulk) but there were either some drugs involved in this or someone was having a laugh. Here’s a link to the first episode on Youtube. You decide.


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All comments are welcome. Especially funny ones :D

  • Catherine says:

    Haha, sorry did’t watch the clip, but I remember having a SuperTed teddy hand knitted by ma granny, aah