Les Misérables and IMAX

Yesterday I took Charlie to the cinema to see Les Misérables, and I have to say, I didn’t know quite what to expect, but once the film began I was blown away. The singing ability of the entire cast was way above my expectations, with great performances from all, especially Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, but the real star of the show was definitely Anne Hathaway, whose ability to act whilst singing was amazing; how she was able to bawl her eyes out whilst holding a note I’ll never know.

Fantastic Performance

Fantastic Performance

The production values were also incredible, those who would normally be your Hollywood action blockbuster type would be pleasantly surprised by the epic camera sequences and especially the barricade battle scenes. Whoever did the make-up for this film must seriously be the best in the business, as every detail of the characters seemed absolutely authentic, from the gaunt malnourished faces to the dirty, plaque covered teeth.

Les-Miserables-Still-les-miserables-2012-movie-32665455-766-674The other thing that massively exceeded my expectations was IMAX. I’ve never seen the point in paying the extra to go see a film in this format before as I didn’t think it was worth it, however this time the only decent seats I could find were in an IMAX showing and so I splashed the extra cash.

I was amazed at how immersive the IMAX screen made the experience, and the sound system was incredible. When cannons were fired on screen I could feel them reverberate through the seat. Needless to say I will definitely be paying the extra money for an IMAX showing again.

So all in all I would advise you to go see this film, and see it in IMAX.

“You haven’t mentioned Amanda Seyfried.” you may say. I’m sorry but I’m not objective enough to comment on her performance as every time I see her I get an overwhelming physical desire to punch her in the face. I don’t know why. Anyone else get this?

All comments are welcome. Especially funny ones :D